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reduce cholesterol with capsiplexIn today’s lifestyle most of the people seem to face the issue of high cholesterol. High cholesterol not only seems to be common with old but also the young. With little time for exercises & high intake of fast food, there is no end to this problem. Fast food, no exercise, stress not only contributes to weight gain but also can also contribute to very high level of cholesterol in the body. High levels of cholesterol with large amount of fats in the body is something that cannot be ignored as it can lead to some serious illness.

If you have been looking for a solution to solve both these issues, you should consider Capsiplex. The first weight loss solution which also helps controlling the cholesterol. Capsiplex contains a patented formula of Capsicum extract, Caffeine and Niacin and is clinically tested for weight loss. Studies carried on Capsicum have resulted in some positive results & prove that Capsicum indeed helps in losing weight.

Capsaicin which is main constituent of Capsicum, aids in the reduction of cholesterol in the blood and triglyceride.

In the human body, high levels of triglycerides in the bloodstream have been linked to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and, by extension, the risk of heart disease and stroke. The risk can be partly accounted for by a strong inverse relationship between triglyceride level and HDL-cholesterol level.

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reduce cholesterol with capsiplexCapsaicin when consumed along with dietary cholesterol can significantly control the levels liver and blood serum cholesterol. Normally if the calories ingested through the meals are not burned by the body, get converted to triglycerides and get stored in the fat cells. Capsaicin can restrict the amount of fat stored by raising the metabolic rate of the body. This simply means that Capsaicin can restrict the fat storage by ensuring proper fat burning. Higher metabolic rate of the body results in the fat loss.

Studies have suggested that Capsicum can also help in regulating the blood pressure & encouraging better blood circulation. Capsicum can also help in reducing common respiratory problems like asthma, common cold, sinusitis and bronchitis. Apart from its weight loss properties, it can also help to control various disease causing bacteria.

It has been proven through unlimited researches that extra weight in your body (especially around the belly) can cause strain on your heart. It can also increase your cholesterol levels putting you at great risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.

One Capsiplex per day can help you lose the extra weight at a faster rate than any other OTC weight loss supplement available in the market. Capsiplex consumed 30-60 minutes prior to exercise can also help in faster weight loss.

So if you not only want to lose weight safely and effectively but also want to maintain a healthy body, take Capsiplex.

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